Searching for the best health supplements can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. There are a lot of different options out there. Sifting through them all can take some time, and sometimes it can be quite challenging to determine which option is the better choice and which is best for you.

Thankfully, with vitamin C, there is one clear winner, one type of vitamin C substantially more effective than its counterparts. This is speaking of course of liposomal Vitamin C.

Liposomal Vitamin C Defined

First, it helps to know what vitamin C is and, more specifically, what liposomal vitamin C is:

    • Vitamin C: Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that humans need to survive. The human body uses vitamin C to form and maintain bones, blood vessels, and skin. It is a building block nutrient, and it is found mainly in fruits and vegetables. Sometimes called “ascorbic acid,” vitamin C helps produce collagen, a substance that the body requires to maintain healthy teeth, bones, gums, vertebrae discs, cartilage, joint linings, etc.
    • Liposomal Vitamin C: Liposomal vitamin C refers to a specially formulated version of vitamin C that is more effective at delivering the nutrient to the body. Without getting into too many technical terms, “liposomes” are fat-like particles used to encase a vitamin or nutrient. When liposomes are attached to vitamin C, the vitamin is protected from damage that would ordinarily be caused by the digestive system. The key here is that liposomal vitamin C increases the bioavailability of vitamin C. Liposomal vitamin C affords all the benefits of a massive boost in vitamin C levels within the body but without the potential risks that come with intravenous administration.
    • Bioavailability: Enhanced bioavailability is what makes liposomal vitamin C so effective. Bioavailability means the proportion of a substance that enters the circulation when introduced into the body. Keep in mind that when food, vitamins, supplements, and other healthful substances enter the body, much of the essential nutrients are lost during the digestive process. “Bioavailability” refers to how much of the substance won’t be lost due to the digestive process. With liposomal vitamin C, the nutrient’s actual bioavailability is much higher than encapsulated vitamin C or vitamin C injections. That’s why liposomal vitamin C is the best vitamin C product for getting as much of the nutrient as possible.

Vitamin C Benefits

Given the increased bioavailability offered by liposomal vitamin C, one can imagine the potential benefits of taking liposomal vitamin C over ordinary, encapsulated vitamin C would be quite different. Our discussion on this isn’t meant to be taken as medical advice, but here are some of the liposomal vitamin C benefits observed from studies, analyses, and surveys:

    • Immune System Support. There is a wealth of scientific information (more on this later) on how vitamin C helps the body fight off pathogens, microbes, bacteria, and other illness-inducing substances. And even if one is already sick, vitamin C has been proven to help reduce symptoms and shorten illness in some patients.
    • Antioxidant and “Free Radical Scavenger” Support. “Free radicals” are molecular species capable of independent existence within a larger organism. While the human body always has a certain amount of free radicals within it, antioxidants (like vitamin C) act as a “free radical scavenger.” An antioxidant is simply any substance that helps protect cells from free radicals. And since free radicals play a significant role in cancer, heart disease, and other diseases often associated with aging, getting plenty of antioxidants every day is a great way to lead a healthy and long life.
    • Detoxification Support. Vitamin C helps detoxify the body from various harmful toxins and invasive substances, particularly heavy metals.
    • Anti-Microbial Support. Vitamin C offers antimicrobial and antibacterial support, mainly due to its low pH and “milieu-modifying” properties. “Milieu-modifying” simply refers to a substance that can modify the “milieu” or the physical setting in which it resides. Vitamin C is an active nutrient, meaning it changes the parts of the body in which it resides, removing contaminants and bacteria, rebuilding collagen and bone, removing free radicals, etc.
    • Collagen and Connective Tissue Support. As mentioned earlier, vitamin C is one of the crucial building blocks of the human body. Vitamin C is vital to the health, integrity, and re-building of blood vessel cells and skin cells and tendons, ligaments, cartilage, bones, skin, and more! Getting a regular, daily dose of vitamin C is a great way to ensure that one’s body continues to repair and rebuild itself.

That’s just a glimpse at the benefits of vitamin C. And the best part is, many of the benefits of liposomal vitamin C are backed up by detailed scientific research!

Scientific Studies on Vitamin C

    • Immune support and shortening of illnesses. For more information on immune support and vitamin C, see this study[1] published in the U.S. National Library of Medicine.
    • Vitamin C as an antioxidant. For more information on vitamin C as an antioxidant, check out this study.[2]
    • The antimicrobial benefits of vitamin C. More information on vitamin C’s antimicrobial effects can be found here.[3]
    • The enhanced bioavailability of liposomal vitamin C. And finally, review an eye-opening study[4] on the enhanced benefits of liposomal vitamin C published in the journal, Nutrition and Metabolic Insights.

Liposomal Vitamin C from Immune Solution®

The best liposomal vitamin C is found at Immune Solution®. Our product is believed to be 8-10 times more effective than IV vitamin C per extensive research and experience as reported by Dr. Thomas E. Levy, a board-certified cardiologist, renowned best-selling author, and one of the world’s leading expert authorities on vitamin C. Try a bottle for yourself to see and feel the difference!

And as always, if you have any questions about this or any other of our products, please reach out to us.

Until next time, health & wellness be with you!

Ren Brabenec
Immune Solution® Writer


[1] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6798581/
[2] https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/12569111/

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