We live in a world where the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe has become progressively less clean. But the silver lining is that people are beginning to understand the importance of living healthier lives. All across the world, people have become more health-conscious and more mindful of utilizing natural dietary remedies to protect their health. As a result, supplements like turmeric (a natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that’s been in use for centuries) are now highly recognized and often sought after as an alternative medicine for the treatment of various illnesses.

But what is turmeric? How do the two relate, turmeric and healthy inflammation response? What about turmeric makes it an alternative medicine, and how does turmeric offer antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and anti-fungal properties? And last but not least, how do you know you’re getting the best turmeric available?

What is Turmeric? Defining the Supplement and its Benefits

It’s not uncommon for people to struggle with mild pain problems, be it back pain, joint pain, muscle pain, arthritic pain, etc. Even young people experience such discomforts. Unfortunately, modern-day solutions for pain often come in the form of a pharmaceutical drug. Such drugs carry a risk for pretty severe side effects, including addiction and even a threat of overdose.

Thankfully, we can turn to the plant world to seek natural pain relief and many other things. While we certainly do not intend to give medical advice and you should always talk to your doctor about pain relief options, many patients have experienced pain relief from natural supplements without taking pharmaceuticals. As in the case of turmeric, here are some of the benefits of turmeric and what they mean:

Turmeric & Curcumin.” People sometimes get confused with the terms “turmeric” and “curcumin.” Simply stated, turmeric is the root of a plant called “Curcuma Longa.” Curcumin is a naturally-occurring chemical compound found within turmeric. One could say that curcumin is the active ingredient of the Curcuma Longa (turmeric) plant.

Turmeric & Black Pepper.” Pairing turmeric with black pepper serves to increase the bioavailability of turmeric significantly. This helps the supplement have a more potent effect on the human body.

Bioavailability.” Bioavailability refers to the proportion of a substance that enters circulation when introduced into the body. Much of the substances we consume are lost during the digestive process, so pairing turmeric with black pepper to increase bioavailability means increasing the amount of turmeric that will be synthesized by the body (and not lost during digestion).

Antioxidant.” An antioxidant is simply any substance that helps inhibit oxidation within the body. Oxidation is caused by free radicals (oxygen-containing molecules). The more free radicals in the body, the more likely they are to cause chain reactions within the body that harm overall health. Turmeric is an antioxidant, meaning it can help counteract the effects of free radicals.

Anti-inflammatory.” Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory, meaning it can reduce or counteract the effects of inflammation within joints. Inflammation of the joints causes redness, swelling, and pain. When taken properly, turmeric can help reduce such unwanted symptoms.

Antiviral.” An antiviral substance simply refers to a substance that helps prevent the spread of viruses. Turmeric boosts the body’s immune response, thus helping to fend off infections and pathogens.

Anti-fungal.” An anti-fungal is a substance that helps prevent the growth of fungi. Fungi are common to the environment, infectious, and can be harmful. Turmeric’s active ingredient, curcumin, is an anti-fungal.

Anti-bacterial.” Similar to it being an antiviral supplement, turmeric is also an anti-bacterial, meaning it helps fend off the spread of bacteria within the body.

Hepatic Protectant.” A hepatic protectant refers to any supplement or remedy that can protect the liver. Mainly, it refers to a supplement or natural medicine that helps protect the liver from fatty acids, alcohol, and other harmful substances. Turmeric is a hepatic protectant.

Cholesterol-lowering Agent.” Turmeric (curcumin, more specifically) can lower cholesterol, thus improving cardiovascular health.

What Can Turmeric Do For You?

Natural turmeric supplements and curcumin remedies can do a great deal for the human body. For example, turmeric can:

  • Stimulate antioxidants within the body.
  • Help improve brain function.
  • Lower the risk of a heart attack.
  • Help reduce the effects of arthritis.
  • Help reduce symptoms of depression.
  • Improve skin health.
  • Help prevent blood clots.

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