If there’s one vitamin you’re familiar with, it’s probably vitamin C. The scientific name for vitamin C is “ascorbic acid.” Vitamin C is a water-soluble nutrient found in certain foods. Vitamin C has numerous health benefits, the best known of which are:

  • Vitamin C is an antioxidant (helping to protect the body’s cells from damage caused by free radicals).
  • Vitamin C helps make collagen, a necessary bodily function, especially in wound-healing.
  • Vitamin C helps improve the absorption of iron into the body.
  • Vitamin C also helps improve immune function.

But what is the story behind vitamin C? How did this simple nutrient become one of the best known (and one of the most important) nutrients in our diet?

Linus Pauling – A Groundbreaking Discovery in Natural Health
Linus Pauling, an American chemist, biochemist, chemical engineer, peace activist, author, and educator, is the genius behind much of what we now know about vitamin C. Specifically, Pauling was the author of much of the groundbreaking works on the benefits of taking large quantities of vitamin C to address specific ailments & maladies.

Here are two direct quotes on these discoveries, cited from the Linus Pauling Institute at the Oregon State University:

  • Studies in the 1970s and 1980s conducted by Linus Pauling, Ewan Cameron, and colleagues suggested that large doses of vitamin C (10 g/day infused intravenously for 10 days followed by at least 10 g/day orally indefinitely) were helpful in increasing the survival time and improving the quality of life of terminal cancer patients.”
  • The work of Linus Pauling stimulated public interest in the use of doses greater than 1 g/day of vitamin C to prevent the common cold.”

As a result of Linus’s work, the Linus Pauling Institute can give a bonafide medical recommendation regarding vitamin C. And while we at Immune Solution® do not mean to provide any medical advice of our own, we can quote the Linus Pauling Institute’s advice. According to their research:

  • The Linus Pauling Institute recommends a vitamin C intake of 400 mg daily for adults to ensure replete tissue concentrations — an amount substantially higher than the RDA yet with minimal risk of side effects.”

As a final note on Pauling, he is one of the few Americans in history to win two Nobel Prizes. In 1954, he won the Nobel Prize in chemistry. In 1962, he won the Nobel Peace Prize for his vocal & active opposition to weapons of mass destruction.

Exploring the Health Benefits of Vitamin C
Vitamin C offers health benefits far beyond what most people realize. Following is a brief list of just a few of the potential healthful effects of getting enough vitamin C daily:

  • Collagen support, structural integrity within the body. Vitamin C plays a role in the production of collagen.
  • Growth, development, and repair of critical bodily systems. Recovery from injuries, surgeries, and general wound healing depends significantly on ascorbic acid levels within the body.
  • Potential stress reduction. Vitamin C has been linked to stress reduction. Animal species that produce ascorbic acid on their own have been proven to increase ascorbic acid production during times of stress.
  • Antioxidant and free radical scavenger. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant. It removes free radicals and helps protect cells from toxins, pollutants, and microbial invaders.
  • Brain and neurotransmitter boost. Vitamin C can help enhance neurotransmitter production, protect memory, and boost cognitive function.
  • Immune function enhancement. Vitamin C is known for its ability to enhance immune function and fight off infection, microbes, and pathogens.
  • Beneficial effects on eye health. Vitamin C can help slow or even stop the progression of macular degeneration.
  • Cardiovascular health. Vitamin C can lower heart disease risk thanks to its beneficial effects on blood pressure, triglyceride, cholesterol, and HDL levels.
  • Skin health and integrity. Vitamin C has been known to enhance skin health and reduce signs of wrinkles and aging.
  • Cancer symptoms treatment and cancer prevention. Vitamin C shows promise in its ability to prevent and treat certain types of cancer.
  • Blood health and anemia reduction. Vitamin C helps the body absorb iron from food consumed.
  • Weight loss, energy, and drive. Vitamin C helps the body transfer fats into the cell regions that will burn that fat and use it for energy production!
  • Pain and inflammation. Vitamin C has also been known to reduce pain and inflammation.

Immune Solution’s Liposomal Vitamin C
While any amount of vitamin C is better than no vitamin C, it’s just as important to ensure that you are getting enough vitamin C. The amount of vitamin C you need will depend on age and gender. Included below is some information from the National Institutes of Health on proper recommended vitamin C dosages (dosages measured in milligrams):

  • From birth to six months: 40 mg/day.
  • For infants 7 to 12 months: 50 mg/day.
  • Children 1 to 3 years old: 15 mg/day.
  • For children 4 to 8 years old: 25 mg/day.
  • For children 9 to 13 years old: 45 mg/day.
  • Teens, 14 to 18 years old (boys): 75 mg/day.
  • Teens, 14 to 18 years old (girls): 65 mg/day.
  • Adult men: 90 mg/day.
  • Adult women: 75 mg/day.
  • Pregnant teens: 80 mg/day.
  • Pregnant women: 85 mg/day.
  • Breastfeeding teens: 115 mg/day.
  • Breastfeeding women: 120 mg/day.

The National Institutes of Health recommend adding 35 mg/day to the above numbers for those who smoke tobacco cigarettes.

To help people achieve the dosages of vitamin C recommended by the Linus Pauling Institute and other experts, our team at Immune Solution® innovated a proprietary Liposomal Vitamin C product. Believed to be eight to ten times more potent than IV vitamin C and far more potent than tablet or capsule vitamin C, Liposomal Vitamin C by Immune Solution® gives you a concentrated, clean dose of 100% all-natural vitamin C, the healthful boost your body needs.

From supporting immune function to offering an antioxidant boost to combatting destructive free radicals, from helping the body with natural detoxification to anti-microbial support and collagen/connective tissue repair, Liposomal Vitamin C dramatically enhances the delivery and absorption of ascorbic acid into the bloodstream, tissues, organs, and cartilage.

To order your bottle of Liposomal Vitamin C, click here.

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Here’s to healthy winter weather months, a better immune system, and plenty of detoxifying goodness!

-Ren Brabenec
Immune Solution® Writing Staff


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