Improving one’s health begins with maintaining a healthy diet and getting regular exercise. But that’s just the beginning. Given the quality of food available to Americans has declined so much in recent decades, it’s more important now than ever before to supplement certain vitamins & minerals that one simply cannot get in their daily food intake.

Case in point, medium chain triglycerides are a beneficial fatty acid challenging to find in food but of immense health benefit to the human body.

What are Medium Chain Triglycerides?
Simply defined, medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) are a type of fatty acid the body absorbs & metabolizes very efficiently and then uses for energy rather than storing as fat. Such fatty acids help boost energy levels without requiring one to eat a great deal of food, which helps people who are trying to lose weight without starving themselves or engaging in other unhealthy approaches.

MCTs send a healthful surge of energy through organic metabolic function. This supplement also helps improve the body’s gut microbiome, effectively aiding digestion and other essential body functions. Last but not least, MCTs also aid mitochondrial function, an essential cellular process.

But why do MCTs have this effect? One doctor put it this way, “As the name suggests, medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oil contains medium-length chains of fats called triglycerides. Due to their shorter length, MCTs are more easily digested than longer-chain fatty acids found in many other foods.” Another way of looking at this is because MCTs are fatty acids that are easier to digest than other fatty acids, the body breaks them down more easily, they boost metabolism more easily, and they are fat that can convert to energy quickly (as opposed to turning into stored fat).

The human body needs healthy fats to function properly. MCTs are a healthful and beneficial way to get those fats, get energy from those fats, and boost metabolism, all without gaining excess weight.

MCTs are currently being studied in-depth, but there are enough preliminary findings to assure the medical & alternative health communities of their beneficial results. MCT supplements may eventually replace many current pharmaceutical options for weight loss, as they have zero negative side effects.

Quoting an expert, “Medium-chain triglycerides could potentially have health benefits. For starters, they contain fatty acids that could promote weight loss by reducing body fat, increasing fullness, and potentially improving your gut environment. MCTs are also a source of energy and may fight bacterial growth, help protect your heart, and aid in managing diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, and autism.”

Introducing Immune Solution’s MCT Boost
There are two main ways to increase your intake of MCTs — through whole food sources or supplements like MCT oil. To help people make the most of their health journey, Immune Solution recently launched a new product called MCT Boost, Medium Chain Triglycerides in Coconut Oil (500 ml of medium chain triglycerides in coconut oil). The supplement helps boost metabolism, supports microbiome health, and regulates proper mitochondria function. If you’re trying to lose weight naturally, improve your gut health, or boost your immune function, Immune Solution’s MCT Boost may well be the ideal supplement for you.

Listing the Potential Benefits: How MCT Boost can Help You Improve Your Health
Since we launched MCT Boost, our customers have called us, written us letters, and sent us emails proclaiming the benefits they’ve gotten from the supplement. Below are listed known benefits of MCTs, including some of the reported benefits of MCT Boost we’ve recorded:

  • MCTs support weight loss by improving the body’s gut health & gut microbiome function.
  • Because of its effects on metabolism, MCTs increase satiety, boost fat loss, and help burn fat for fuel and ketone production.
  • MCTs provide a quick energy source and convert that energy for enhanced brain function & physical energy.
  • An essential supplement, MCTs fuel muscles to burn fat while reducing lactate build-up.
  • MCTs support brain function and may help with epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, and autism.
  • MCTs increase the body’s defense systems, namely antimicrobial, antifungal, and anti-candida effects.
  • MCTs increase HDL (the “good”) cholesterol and reduce LDL (the “bad”) cholesterol & CRP (C-reactive protein, an inflammatory marker that increases the risk for heart disease).
  • MCTs support diabetes management with blood sugar control, reducing fat storage, and effectively increasing fat burning for healthy, natural weight loss.

And a few points we feel must also be mentioned:

  1. MCTs are often used for healthy weight loss and in natural weight loss programs. Subsequently, Immune Solution has added MCT Boost to the Complete Weight Loss and Simple Weight Loss packages.
  2. Immune Solution’s MCT Boost contains the full spectrum of medium chain triglycerides, including lauric acid, a powerful fat found in mother’s milk.
  3. Finally, MCTs can act as a powerful reinforcement to one’s immune system. During the debilitating COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve all learned how immensely important immune health is. MCT Boost is very beneficial in this regard too.

As one can see from the above-listed benefits, there are numerous reasons to supplement with Immune Solution’s MCT Boost.

Getting Healthy Requires Acquiring Knowledge, Accepting Responsibility, and Taking Daily Action!
Committing to a healthy diet & regular exercise is half the battle in getting healthy. But there’s more to it than that. As with anything else in life, getting healthy requires one to acquire the knowledge of what it takes to get healthy. It’s not something one can do overnight, and becoming healthy is not something one can do without knowledge.

Immune Solution is here to help educate you about health & wellness. Once you know what to do for your body to be healthy & well, next up comes accepting responsibility for your personal health & wellness and taking daily action to ensure it! We’ll help you with that too. If you have any questions about MCT Boost or our other products or how they can help you, give our office a call at (727) 768-4688, or send an email to sales@immunesolution.com if you would like to learn more!

Ren Brabenec
Immune Solution Staff Writer



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