The holidays are over, and for most Americans, this comes as something of a relief! Most people can say that they ate too greasy, too fatty, too much, and too often over the holidays. After countless heavy, fatty, rich, and overly-portioned meals with family members and friends, everyone’s digestive systems have taken a pounding!

Now that the New Year has begun, it’s time to kick off 2022 in the right way, with complete digestive health. What better way to start a new year than to make some powerful health commitments and then back them up with daily action?

Digestive Health Issues? Not a New Problem

While it’s true that Americans tend to experience an increase in digestive health concerns during the holidays, this is not a new or even out-of-the-ordinary problem. According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, digestive health issues are a year-round occurrence, with approximately 60 to 70 million Americans being affected by chronic digestive diseases.

Digestive ailments lead to about 21.7 million hospitalizations in the United States each year and at least 245,921 deaths annually. Digestive illness leads to 20.4 million surgeries, accounting for 20% of all non-emergency surgeries. Digestive ailments alone cost the U.S. about $141.8 billion in medical costs.

Is it safe to say that Americans could use some help with their digestive health?

Immune Solution’s Complete Digestive Health

In the course of her 40+ years of research and study into natural, holistic health modalities, Immune Solution founder Jackie Page discovered that the human microbiome, the amalgamation of trillions of microorganisms responsible for directing much of the body’s health functions, is key in promoting overall health.

From the Harvard School of Public Health, “Picture a bustling city on a weekday morning, the sidewalks flooded with people rushing to get to work or to appointments. Now imagine this at a microscopic level and you have an idea of what the microbiome looks like inside our bodies, consisting of trillions of microorganisms (also called microbiota or microbes) of thousands of different species. These include not only bacteria but fungi, parasites, and viruses. In a healthy person, these “bugs” coexist peacefully, with the largest numbers found in the small and large intestines but also throughout the body. The microbiome is even labeled a supporting organ because it plays so many key roles in promoting the smooth daily operations of the human body.”

That quote from the Harvard School of Public Health clearly defines what the microbiome is, also indicating its importance. And while microbiome studies and findings are relatively recent, many nutritionists already believe the microbiome is crucial to digestive health (and overall health).

Based on these findings and many others, Immune Solution staff put together the Complete Digestive Pack, a combination of three key health products and nutritional supplements that help individuals boost their digestive health, lose weight naturally, digest foods better, sleep easier at night, cut sugar cravings, promote better immune response, and experience a host of other positive health benefits that come with a healthy digestive system.

The Complete Digestive Pack has three key components:

Organic Kamut Wheatgrass. Grown from Egyptian heirloom seeds in nutrient-rich, organic soil, watered from a mineral spring, and harvested at peak nutrition, Immune Solution’s Organic Kamut Wheatgrass is a healthful boost to the microbiome, digestive system, and the entire body for that matter. Wheatgrass is a potent detoxifier; it helps reduce acid reflux, contributes to healthy weight loss, and it improves gut health immensely. In the process, the wheatgrass also helps support immune function, detoxifies the body, combats fatigue, increases energy, and helps alkalize and oxygenate the body.

Bael Fruit Extract. Immune Solution innovated this new product, 100% Natural Bael Fruit Extract, to create a supplement directed at the digestive system. For centuries, Bael fruit has been used in Ayurvedic medicine as a natural treatment for IBS and other bowel and digestive-related ailments. The extract promotes proper bowel function, cleanses the colon, promotes natural binding of stool, and soothes intestinal mucus membranes. Bael fruit also eliminates toxins in the gastrointestinal tract.

Optimal Digestive Enzyme. Another product innovated solely for boosting digestion and gut health, Immune Solution’s Optimal Digestive Enzyme assists in the breakdown and digestion of protein. It also reduces pain and inflammation, and it helps ease sore throat symptoms. Sourced and made from natural plant material, there are no binders, artificial ingredients, dairy, soy, wheat, gluten, or yeast in this product.

2022, a Year for Good Health

Sure, it’s easy enough to say that all one has to do to be healthy is eat right, exercise, and get sufficient rest. And yes, such actions help quite a bit in one’s journey to a healthier body. But just as one has to acquire knowledge to become proficient in any task, one must also acquire knowledge to become healthy!

Immune Solution’s mission comes in two parts. First, we innovate the best health products possible to help customers in the various areas of health that they want to improve. Second, we produce educational materials (like these blog articles) to help inform our customers on better health practices and potentially help them solve their health concerns.

With that in mind, feel free to give us a call at our office at (727) 768-4688, or send an email to sales@immunesolution.com if you would like to learn more! And we hope you enjoy the Complete Digestive Health Pack!




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