Most women know what estrogen is, and they know how important this hormone is to their health. What they might not know, however, is there are multiple types of estrogen, and a woman’s health may vary depending on how much of the different types of estrogen she has circulating in her body at any given time.

One article by Dr. Ananya Mandal laid out the three major estrogen types: estrone, estradiol, and estriol. Quoting Dr. Mandal,

“Of these Estradiol (E2) is the most common form found in nonpregnant females. Estradiol levels vary through the menstrual cycle, with levels highest just before ovulation. From menarche to menopause the primary estrogen is 17β-estradiol. After the reproductive age, when a woman has achieved menopause, estrone or E1 becomes that primary estrogen. Estrone is weaker than estradiol. Similarly during pregnancy estriol is the primary estrogen. Estriol is considered a weak estrogen as well. It has been postulated that estrone is a ‘bad’ estrogen and may be the cause of estrogen’s cancer-causing properties, while estriol is a ‘good’ estrogen and may protect against cancer. Estradiol is probably neutral.”

Without going too far into the chemical structures of the different types of estrogen, one can still see that having balanced, regulated, and proper estrogen function is quite important to good health. Women who have problems with hormone imbalance would do well to seek natural remedies and holistic supplements that can assist their bodies in producing and regulating estrogen.

Immune Solution® 100% Natural Women’s Herb Formula: Ayurvedic Proprietary
Immune Solution® crafted a unique blend of vegan herbal remedies that, when combined, are designed to balance hormones. This product is a synergistic blend of Fennel, Cumin, Ajwain, and other plant-based ingredients that have all shown results in regulating hormone function. Immune Solution® 100% Natural Women’s Herb Formula blends key nutrients that can help detox bad estrogen from the body while keeping healthy estrogen in check.

Some potential benefits of the 100% Natural Women’s Herb Formula include:

  • Hormone balance (regulates various hormones)
  • Supports natural menopause relief
  • Contributes to women’s adrenal support
  • Supports healthy digestive function
  • Has both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties

Millions of women struggle with hormonal imbalances, particularly in their youth, during childrearing, and during menopause. But many are reluctant to take pharmaceutical drugs to address such imbalances for their legitimate concern over side effects and adverse outcomes.

A Gentle Approach to Hormone Health
Immune Solution® 100% Natural Women’s Herb Formula is a gentle, non-invasive, and holistic way to give the body what it needs during this time of life, to boost the body’s natural response to physiological changes. For women, hot flashes, painful or unpredictable menstrual periods, hormonal acne, fertility, sleep problems, and weight gain often have physiological and hormonal causes, hence the need for a natural, non-invasive solution.

If you need help determining how best to utilize the Women’s Herb Formula to help regulate hormonal function, please give us a call at our office at (727) 768-4688, or send an email to sales@immunesolution.com.

Cheers to herbal remedies and natural solutions!

Ren Brabenec
Immune Solution® Staff Writer


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