A cursory glance at medical studies would suggest America is a place of worry, high-strung nerves, anxiety, and stress. According to the Anxiety & Depression Association of America (ADAA), anxiety is the most common emotional struggle in the U.S., with approximately 40 million adults struggling with this problem. This means about 18% of the adult population experiences anxiety, and while anxiety is treatable, only about 37% of Americans ever try to tackle their anxiety through effective treatment methods.[1]

As the old wisdom goes, a calm body promotes a calm mind. Sadly, millions of Americans do not have a calm mind, suggesting common biological factors may be contributing to anxiety, depression, stress, and high nerves. And to make matters worse, most health experts choose to direct patients to powerful pharmaceutical drugs to address unpleasant emotions. Rarely do medical professionals encourage people who suffer from high stress & anxiety to take healthful supplements to counteract anxiety.

Bringing the Body Back into Balance

The body & mind are intricately connected, with a growing mountain of evidence suggesting many mental health issues can be traced back to mineral deficiencies. Quoting one research group that performed a thorough study on how each vitamin & mineral contributes to mental clarity and peace of mind,

“Mental health problems such as memory loss, anxiety, depression, irritability, and insomnia are also associated with deficiencies in vitamin B1. The brain uses this vitamin to help convert glucose or blood sugar into energy. This means that without it, the brain may not have enough energy to function normally.” [2]

That study report cites a long list of other vitamins & minerals crucial in maintaining a calm, relaxed mental & emotional state. Again quoting the researchers,

“A diet that includes vitamin B complex helps boost mental health. Vitamin B deficiency could negatively influence your memory function, and cause cognitive impairment and dementia. Vitamin B contributes to the complexity of depressive symptoms, and low folate levels have been linked to depression.” [3]

Ensuring one is getting enough essential vitamins & minerals in one’s diet plays a crucial role in maintaining good mental & emotional health.

Purified Shilajit: A Healthy High-grade Mineral Boost

As each year passes, it becomes increasingly more difficult to find healthy foods rich in much-needed vitamins & minerals. That’s why Immune Solution® offers its Purified Shilajit supplement, a powerful herbo-mineral Ayurvedic compound of 85 minerals sourced in their natural state from the Himalayas.

Our raw Purified Shilajit is a fulvic acid-rich neural resin we personally source, select, and import from remote, high-altitude regions of India’s Himalayan mountains. This region is the literal best in the world for gathering healthful minerals, as they can be found in their natural, plant form, unadulterated by chemicals, toxins, additives, fillers, and other impurities. Specifically, this region is well-known by Ayurvedic practitioners to yield the most potent grade Shilajit, and we offer only this genuine, high-grade Himalayan Shilajit in its natural, pure, and most potent form.  Our quality is unmatched throughout the world.

In the words of Immune Solution® founder/owner Jackie Page:

“Shilajit contains 85 types of minerals in the natural ionic form which are very vital for maintaining the equilibrium of energy metabolism in our body. The minerals in Shilajit are not similar to the mineral supplements available in the market. The minerals in Shilajit are in ionic form and have previously been absorbed by rich plant life and returned back to earth. As such, they are easily absorbed by the body cells.”

In addition to promoting balance and calm, as one of the world’s most nutrient-dense herbo-mineral supplements, Shilajit boasts numerous health benefits and potential uses, as well as having antioxidant, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antiviral properties.

To learn more about Immune Solution® 100% Natural Purified Shilajit and other Immune Solution® premium health supplements, please call our office at (727) 768-4688. Or send us an email to sales@immunesolution.com, if you would like to request more information.

To a healthful life!

Ren Brabenec
Immune Solution® Staff Writer


[1] https://adaa.org/understanding-anxiety/facts-statistics
[2], [3] https://www.webmd.com/vitamins-and-supplements/what-to-know-about-vitamins-and-mental-health

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