The first day of summer is just two weeks away, and millions of Americans are looking for a healthy & all-natural way to lose a few pounds in the coming days. We’d all like to feel more confident in our bathing suits, and for many of us, a drop of just 5-10 pounds would go a long way towards boosting our self-image and getting us outside and on the beach or by the pool more often.

Rather than opting for unhealthy, highly artificial products or “starve-yourself” strategies, Immune Solution has an all-natural, organic, nutritious, and highly beneficial weight loss program you can take advantage of to lose weight naturally.

What is Raw Organic Kamut® Wheatgrass Blend?
While there are five key components to Immune Solution’s Complete Weight Loss Package, the Raw Organic Kamut® Wheatgrass Blend acts as one of the core foundations of the program. This product provides a wealth of nutrition to the body, affording unique benefits hard to find in other foodstuffs and dietary supplements.

Jackie Page, the founder/owner of Immune Solution and creator of Raw Organic Kamut® Wheatgrass Blend, says it best:

“Our gluten-free Raw Organic Kamut® Wheatgrass Blend – Juice Powder (best wheatgrass powder) wheatgrass is grown in nutrient-rich, organic soil, watered with mineral springs, and harvested at the peak of nutrition. Kamut® is a superior, non-GMO, non-crossbred, nutrient-dense heirloom-seed Egyptian wheatgrass. We have combined it minimally with oat & alfalfa to give it a sweet taste and increase the mineral & trace mineral content.”

From supporting immune function to curbing sugar cravings, acting as a potent and natural detoxifier to supporting digestive function, combating fatigue to naturally alkalizing & oxygenating the body, Raw Organic Kamut® Wheatgrass Blend helps you lose weight naturally while providing your body with a host of much-needed nutrients. It’s a health boost and a meal replacement juice powder chock-full of vitamins & minerals all in one.

Boost Healthy Weight Loss with Bael Fruit Extract
One of the most common causes of excess weight gain in Americans is a digestive system not working properly. In fact, according to one resource, as many as 20 million Americans struggle with some form of digestive medical complications.

Another powerful component of the Complete Weight Loss Package is Immune Solution’s Bael Fruit Extract, a potent 100% natural IBS support supplement. Entirely herb-based, this nutritious compound promotes the proper function of bowels and healthy stool formation. Bael Fruit has qualities that contribute to the natural binding of stool, soothe mucus membranes in the intestines, and eliminate the build-up of toxins in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract.

Building a Summer Body, the Healthy Way
There are many ways to lose weight, but not all are good for your body. In fact, some can be harmful to both physical & mental health. The nutrients you consume and the processes by which you lose the weight will not only dictate your weight loss results but will also determine how healthy you are at the end of the program.

Remember, losing weight by itself is not the sole metric of good health. If gone about the wrong way with heavily chemicalized products and starve-yourself modalities, one can actually be more unhealthy after they’ve lost some weight than they were before they started losing weight.

With that in mind, if you need help determining how best to utilize Immune Solution’s Complete Weight Loss Package program — or any of its five components — to get your body ready for summer in a natural, healthy way, please call our office at (727) 768-4688. Or send us an email to sales@immunesolution.com if you would like to request more information.


Cheers to a healthy and fit summer body!

Ren Brabenec
Immune Solution Staff Writer



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