When people put time & attention into creating a diet that works for them, they want that diet to comprise digestible, tasty, filling, healthy, and overall good food. They don’t want that diet to contain food allergens or to cause unwanted digestive issues.

Anyone who’s tried a variety of protein powders can almost certainly attest to some unwanted effects, from bloating to increased urination, increased bowel activity, lethargy, and a host of other issues. When seeking a healthy meal replacement and organic protein powder, people should consider Organic Pumpkin Seed Protein Powder, potentially the least allergenic and most digestible protein available.

The Rising Crisis of Food Allergens

Here’s something of concern; according to a number of scientific studies, each successive generation is being born with more food allergies than the last. This is not just an American issue either; it’s a global problem and is being reported on as such. Quoting BBC reporting:[1]

  • “The rate of food allergies worldwide has increased from around 3% of the population in 1960 to around 7% in 2018. And it isn’t just the rate that has increased. The range of foods to which people are allergic has also widened.”

That means people’s options for choosing protein powders that taste good, are good for the body and don’t cause unwanted side effects are becoming more limited. Thankfully, pumpkin seeds have been proven to be one of the least allergenic protein sources available. According to health writer and researcher Kristeen Cherney:[2]

  • “Pumpkin seeds are not considered to be a highly allergenic food such as sesame or other seeds. In fact, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, allergies to pumpkin seeds are rare.”

And according to Very Well Health:[3]

  • “It’s possible to be allergic to pumpkin seeds, but it’s extremely rare.”

Digestible Protein, a Must in a Healthy Diet

Another benefit of pumpkin seeds is they’re highly digestible, which means people who consume them can get the most health benefits possible from the seeds with as little waste, unwanted materials, excess fats or calories, potentially undigested nutrients turned into waste, etc.

Some experts believe pumpkin seeds are one of the best sources of fiber available, primarily because they are an easy-to-digest fiber. Quoting health writer Heather McClees:[4]

“Pumpkin seeds also have more fiber than many nuts, boosting 5 grams per 1/4 cup. This can help regulate your blood sugar, enhance regularity, and the fiber in pumpkin seeds is easier to digest than from some other sources like beans or hard-to-digest grains and nuts. Pumpkin seeds have also been linked to improving insulin regulation, which can help those with blood sugar issues or even diabetes.”

The ease with which people can digest pumpkin seeds and the fact such seeds are extremely unlikely to cause an allergic reaction are just two of many reasons why people seeking a source of organic protein and plant-based protein should consider Immune Solution’s Organic Pumpkin Seed Protein Powder with Superfoods.

Organic Pumpkin Seed Protein Powder: Least Allergenic, Most Balanced, Tastiest Vegan Plant Protein

Here’s what Immune Solution® founder Jackie Page had to say when asked about her Organic Pumpkin Seed Protein Powder with Superfoods:

“Protein performs many vital functions. It’s the basic building block of life, is vital to immune function & every aspect of metabolism. Most people do not consume and/or properly digest it in optimal amounts. Use this high-quality, clean, sustainable, REAL-FOOD protein from organic, cold-pressed pumpkin seeds to ‘beef up’ your protein intake without needlessly harming any creatures or the planet.”

Immune Solution’s best-selling Organic Pumpkin Seed Protein Powder with Superfoods has a mild nutty flavor; it tastes great in yogurt, soups, and baked foods, and when blended into frozen fruit. People also add it to juice or almond milk and consume as a healthy meal replacement. We even offered a recipe for preparing delicious pancakes! With a bit of creative thought, you too can surely create your own healthy ideas!

That said, if you need help deciding how to incorporate plant-based protein into your diet or want more information on meal replacement to promote weight loss, please call our office at (727) 768-4688. Or send us an email to sales@immunesolution.com.

Cheers to a healthy autumn!

Ren Brabenec
Immune Solution® Staff Writer



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