The holidays are upon us, which means lots of rich, heavy foods, some sweets, and maybe even some alcohol. The Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year holiday season is not exactly the healthiest time of year, which is why we at Immune Solution® have stepped up to the plate to extend our Black Friday pricing specials through December!

Our limited-time promotion “Holiday Sale” offers a pricing special where most of our nutritional supplements, nutrients, and minerals are available for a “Buy Two, Get $10 Off” savings incentive. This way, you can purchase your favorite Immune Solution® products, selecting two of each product, and give the second to friends & family as holiday gifts.

And given so many family members and loved ones will be overeating & overdrinking this holiday season, why not give the gift of Immune Solution® Raw Organic Beet Root – Juice Powder?

What Makes Immune Solution® Raw Organic Beet Root – Juice Powder a Truly Great Christmas Gift?

Famously, beets are known to support & improve cardiovascular health.  They do so because they are rich in dietary nitrates, which, when consumed, create nitric oxide. But what is nitric oxide? To put it simply, nitric oxide plays a pivotal role in vasodilatation, the medical term for when blood vessels in the body widen, allowing more blood to flow through the vessels, thereby lowering blood pressure.

For some, consuming beet root powder can boost nitric oxide levels by 21% after just 45 minutes, which boosts energy, increases blood flow, supports healthy blood, increases male fertility, boosts libido, and stimulates testosterone. Athletes who drink beet root juice powder often report better stamina & endurance during exercise and physical performance.

Additionally, evidence shows beets protect against oxidative stress damage, activate liver detox, purify the blood, lower cholesterol, improve healthy digestion, better sleep quality, reduce inflammation, combat dementia and its progression, and help maintain a healthy weight — just to name a few health benefits!

When asked why Raw Organic Beet Root – Juice Powder would make a good Christmas gift, Immune Solution® founder/owner Jackie Page said:

“Our 100% Organic Beets are grown in American soil and are then harvested at optimal maturity to deliver maximum nutritional impact. Our Beet Juice Powder is extracted from whole beets and processed at ambient temperatures, which keeps it enzymatically alive and raw. Doing so ensures bioavailability and preserves the vibrant color, flavor, and nutritional value. This superior product, when reconstituted in water, is nearly identical to fresh beet juice and provides all the benefits of fresh-picked beets.”

Giving the Gift of a Healthy Boost for Christmas

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with traditional Christmas gifts. But this year, why not give the gift of health? If you know someone whom you could offer the benefit of improved cardiovascular health, purchase two containers of Immune Solution® Raw Organic Beet Root – Juice Powder, save $10 on that purchase, keep one for yourself, and gift the other — from the heart, for the heart. It will surely be the perfect health boost your loved one needs to get through the holidays!

And as always, if you have any questions about our best-selling Raw Organic Beet Root – Juice Powder or other products, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Cheers to a healthy and active Christmas!

Ren Brabenec
Immune Solution® Staff Writer


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