Christmas is right around the corner, and millions of Americans are looking for gifts that will stand out, items loved ones will remember for years to come. Christmas gifts have traditionally been physical objects, but what about giving the gift of health? Immune Solution® products help people lead healthier lives. And in the spirit of wanting to allow our customers the opportunity to better share that fact, our team has extended our “Black Friday 4-Day Sale” promotion through December!

This limited-time promotion allows you to order two bottles of most Immune Solution® products and receive $10 off the purchase. This way, you can order one product for yourself and gift the second bottle to a family member or loved one for Christmas.

Immune Solution® 100% Natural Purified Shilajit is one of the products offered in the promotion. Order two, get $10 off, and gift the second bottle to someone you feel may benefit from the world’s most nutrient-dense herbo-mineral supplement!

What Makes Immune Solution® Purified Shilajit a Truly Great Christmas Gift?

Rooted in millennia-old Ayurvedic practice, Shilajit contains 85 types of minerals in their most natural, unaltered form. These minerals are vital for maintaining the body’s dynamic equilibrium of energy metabolism. Sourced from the Himalayan mountains of India, the minerals in Immune Solution® Purified Shilajit differ from most minerals sourced from other locations. Shilajit minerals were previously absorbed by rich plant life and then returned to the soil.

Immune Solution® Purified Shilajit is rich in fulvic acid. Fulvic acid is a chemical compound that forms when microorganisms in soil break down plant material over long periods. The nutrients in fulvic acid can improve disease resistance, increase immune defenses, fight inflammation. And enhance antioxidant activity, all of which help promote better health and vitality.

Once ingested, the fulvic acid in Immune Solution® Purified Shilajit transports the 85 minerals contained in the supplement through the cell walls, ensuring the cells absorb the vitamins and nutrients within the supplement. Once absorbed, the Shilajit minerals & vitamins help boost cell health and guard against decay and cell death. Further, Shilajit benefits help enhance energy metabolism, which benefits numerous aspects of one’s health.

When asked about the tremendous health benefits of Shilajit and why it might make a good Christmas gift for a family member or friend, Immune Solution® founder/owner Jackie Page said:

“Shilajit offers numerous health benefits, including functioning as an antioxidant to improve the body’s immunity & memory, an anti-aging protectant against cellular damage, an abundant anti-inflammatory & anti-arthritic pain reliever, an antimicrobial & antiviral agent, an energy booster combating chronic fatigue, and a diuretic to remove excess fluid from the body. Shilajit is also known to have a calming effect on the body, relaxing the muscles, including those of the heart; this soothing effect can help in lowering levels of stress & anxiety. And Shilajit can play a significant role in weight management, as it leads to a major improvement in cellular functions, which promotes increased energy levels.”

Giving the Gift of Health

Gifting physical objects as presents during the holidays has merits, but why not try something else this Christmas season? If you know someone who might benefit from a healthy daily boost of the best mineral supplement source from the raw, fulvic acid-rich mineral resin in a remote, high-altitude region of India’s Himalayan mountains, get them Immune Solution® 100% Natural Purified Shilajit. And as always, if you have any questions about our products, don’t hesitate to please contact us.

Here’s to a healthy Christmas!

Ren Brabenec
Immune Solution® Staff Writer

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