As summer arrives and many Americans prepare for vacations, road trips, beach adventures, camping outings, home improvement projects, plus frequent social engagements and weddings, a new study has found that almost two-thirds of Americans are saying they struggle with low energy.[1]

That finding is surprising enough on its own, but what was particularly shocking about the study was that almost two-thirds of Americans (59%) say they struggle with low energy despite getting sufficient rest and food.

Americans are not getting the proper nutrients to help them seize the day, which is where Immune Solution comes in. Quoting Jackie Page, Immune Solution founder and creator of the company’s Pine Bark Extract product, a product innovated to help Americans improve their energy levels while boosting their health:

This full-spectrum extract retains all its active constituents, as found in nature, in the correct, balanced ratio for optimal results. Encapsulating this goodness in our quick-release easy-to-swallow vegan capsules guarantees you a premium quality nutritional supplement that is a powerful free radical scavenger and supports healthy aging, as well as boosts overall cardiovascular health & function, reinforces immune system response & function, reduces inflammation, regulates healthy cholesterol levels, and much more.”

Benefits of Pine Bark Extract

Indigenous Americans across North America have used pine bark for its medicinal purposes for centuries. Fashioning a unique product after these traditional healing practices, Immune Solution created a Pine Bark Extract that contains health-promoting plant compounds like vitamins, polyphenols, and other phytonutrients that provide Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory, and Antimicrobial properties. The extract can reduce oxidative stress, boost cardiovascular health, improve immune response, reduce inflammation, and regulate healthy HDL (good) cholesterol levels.

Pine Bark Extract has a unique way of helping the body in the way that the person needs. Because of that, people experience different benefits from taking the extract. Customers who’ve used Immune Solution’s Pine Bark Extract have reported the following benefits:

  • Enhanced athletic performance
  • It may be able to inhibit bone mineral density loss
  • Can speed wound healing and reduce skin bruising
  • Can improve sperm quality and boost male fertility
  • It has been reported to help correct erectile dysfunction
  • Better vitamin C regeneration and regeneration within the body
  • Can improve skin health by offering protection from harmful UVB
  • It has the potential to reduce the risk of cataracts by preventing their formation
  • It has been reported to reduce menstrual disorders and ease symptoms of menopause
  • Reported benefits include improving cognitive function, aiding memory and alertness
  • Healthier aging (anti-aging due to protection against free radicals, thus benefitting collagen and elastin)

Boost Energy this Summer While Giving Your Body What it Needs

Americans are fed poor-quality food constantly, high in sugar, fats, MSG, sweeteners, and a huge array of artificial additives and significantly processed ingredients. None of this is healthy, and it’s a big part of why our society struggles to improve its health. Americans are getting heavier and heavier, and they’re living shorter, less fulfilling lives as a result.

Thankfully, solutions that are noninvasive and that are natural in origin do exist. One piece of the puzzle is Immune Solution’s Pine Bark Extract. This product contains no fillers or additives such as magnesium stearates, gelatin, silicates, gluten, corn, wheat, rice, yeast, starch, titanium dioxide, artificial colors, artificial flavors, or preservatives. Visit our Products Page to order a bottle of Immune Solution’s top-quality pine bark extract. If you have any questions about our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Here’s to a summer where we eat well, feel good, and make the most of the season!

-Ren Brabenec

Immune Solution Staff Writer


[1] StudyFinds. “Energy crisis: 3 in 5 Americans more exhausted now than ever in their lives.” Study Finds, 2021. studyfinds.org

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