It’s already started, that time of year when millions of Americans catch communicable but preventable illnesses. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, anywhere from 9.4 million to 41 million flu cases occur annually, resulting in anywhere from 100,000 to 710,000 annual hospitalization events.[1]

The common cold is even more widespread among the American population. According to research published by Villanova University, the U.S. records close to one billion cold cases per year, with the average American adult contracting a cold about two to four times per year and children contracting the illness even more often than that.[2]

According to the research, most recorded cold and flu cases occur during winter. Since both illnesses are contagious (meaning they can pass from person to person), Americans are at much greater risk of contracting them during winter.

Immune Solution’s All-Natural Zinc

The mineral Zinc is one of the core building blocks of life, yet studies show most Americans still need to reach their recommended daily allowance levels of Zinc. Further, about one in six people are significantly Zinc deficient, which is likely to increase as the quality of the food supply continues to erode.

Yet Zinc is extremely important for multiple bodily systems, especially the immune system. Quoting Jackie Page, the creator of Immune Solution’s Natural Zinc supplement:

  • Liquid natural Zinc plays many roles in metabolism, including being required for the function of approximately 300 different enzyme systems. Therefore Zinc deficiency can negatively impact virtually any & every metabolic process in the body, with the following organ systems being the most studied: epidermal (skin), gastrointestinal, immune, reproductive, skeletal, and central nervous. Zinc offers immune support, antioxidant support, energy support, healing, hormone regulation and much, much more.”

Zinc supplements are most often taken to support the immune system naturally, but some customers order Natural Zinc to:

  • Support the health of cells with antioxidants
  • Restore the loss of senses like taste and smell
  • Speed up healing, reduce skin problems, and combat hair loss
  • Reduce mental lethargy and sluggishness and restore energy naturally
  • Improve muscle mass, restore libido, and boost testosterone while regulating hormones

Dive Into the New Year with a Strong Immune System

There’s too much about 2024 to be excited about than to spend any part of it sick with a cold or the flu. Natural Zinc can be a powerful tool for boosting one’s immune system throughout the winter season and beyond.

As always, if you have any questions about Immune Solution’s products, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Here’s to staying healthy in 2024!

-Ren Brabenec
Immune Solution Staff Writer

[1] CDC. “Disease Burden of Flu.” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2023. cdc.gov
[2] VU. “Common Illnesses: Common Cold.” Villanova University, 2023. villanova.edu

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