Most Americans are overfed and undernourished, evidenced by the fact that 40% of the U.S. adult population is overweight. According to studies, 92% of the U.S. population suffers from at least one mineral deficiency, meaning even those who maintain healthy diets are likely missing a mineral or two. That’s why supplementing with wheatgrass is so important.[1]

Why such widespread mineral deficiency, even in people who eat well? Quoting one report, “Multiple studies, dating as far back as 1936, have found that the soil of farmland all across the globe is deficient in micronutrients, lowering their content in produce. To further prove this theory, in 2003, researchers compared the data on current vegetable nutrient content to data from 50 years ago. Their findings showed that the mineral content of cabbage, lettuce, spinach, and tomatoes had depleted from 400 milligrams to less than 50 milligrams throughout the twentieth century.” [2]

The key takeaway from those findings? Even if one avoids processed foods and commits to only eating healthy, soil quality is diminishing at such a rapid rate and reducing the nutrient value of produce that everyone, even those with very healthy diets, needs to be more mindful of their mineral intake.

Wheatgrass Powder and Minerals

Wheatgrass is a special type of grass that absorbs 92 of the known 115 minerals from the soil. While so many types of plants, vegetables, and fruits cannot pull the Earth’s increasingly scarce minerals from the soil, wheatgrass is one of the few remaining plants that is mineral-rich and very healthy. Wheatgrass also contains a full spectrum of vitamins and dozens of trace elements and enzymes. In an unhealthy world that’s unfortunately experiencing a severely health-depleted food system, supplementing with wheatgrass grown in organic soil could be the solution to improving one’s health.

From the Founder: The Power of Immune Solution’s Raw Organic Kamut® Wheatgrass Juice Powder

With over 45 years in health and nutrition, Immune Solution’s founder, Jackie Page, watched as the quality of the food supply diminished and people became gradually less healthy. “In so many ways, it all comes down to minerals,” says Jackie. “People’s bodies are starved of minerals. They’re just lacking minerals. The soil decay has led to less minerals in our food, and now people often feel dehydrated and have headaches because they’re mineral deficient.” The rampant mineral deficiency was a big part of the impetus behind Jackie’s Raw Organic Kamut® Wheatgrass Juice Powder, a best-selling wheatgrass that helps people get the minerals they need.

Immune Solution’s gluten-free Raw Organic Kamut® Wheatgrass Juice Powder is grown in nutrient-rich, organic soil, watered with mineral springs, and harvested at the peak of nutrition. Kamut® is a proprietary blend that’s been tested and improved for over 40 years. It is a superior non-GMO, non-crossbred, nutrient-dense heirloom-seed Egyptian wheatgrass. Kamut® is also a high-protein grain, containing 30% more protein than ordinary wheat. The blend also includes oats and alfalfa to give it a sweet taste and increase the mineral and trace mineral content.

Take Control of Your Health with the Best Wheatgrass Powder

Getting healthy requires more than eating healthy food, although that is a huge step in the right direction. It also means learning what vitamins and minerals one must add to one’s diet to improve one’s health. When it comes to mineral—and nutrient-rich supplements made from wheatgrass, the best wheatgrass powder is Immune Solution’s Raw Organic Kamut® Wheatgrass Blend.

To learn more about Raw Organic Kamut® Wheatgrass Blend, don’t hesitate to contact Immune Solution today.

Let’s take responsibility for our health by adding the minerals we need to live well.

– Ren Brabenec
Immune Solution Staff Writer

[1] NIDDK. “Overweight & Obesity Statistics.” National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, 2021. niddk.nih.gov
[2] T.B. “92% of the U.S. Population has Vitamin Deficiency. Are You One of Them?” The Station, 2024. thebiostation.com

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