To be a fly on the wall for the conversations occurring in today’s world would find one hearing words and phrases like “I’m so overwhelmed,” “I’m so forgetful now,” “I can’t remember it all,” “I’m so stressed,” and “I’m nervous.” The simple truth is that Americans are stressed, anxious, and overburdened, leading to decreased memory and cognitive performance.

This phenomenon is difficult to record with statistics, except that polls show more than 61% of Americans say they are stressed by how much they have going on and that their minds are overwhelmed as a result. About 55% say they can’t enjoy life because of this level of stressful overwhelm, and another 76% of Americans say they experience physical health problems as a result of their stress![1]

Thankfully, Immune Solution got to work and put together a health bundle designed to help people boost their neurological health and brain function to tackle life’s many challenges and complexities.

The Brain Health Pack

“Americans are mentally and cognitively TAXED. It’s not that people have become inherently more forgetful, it’s because the food systems and other health systems are not giving people the nutrients they need to boost brain health naturally. That is why we created the Brain Health Pack.”

– Jackie Page, Immune Solution owner and founder, as she introduced the Brain Health Pack. This unique bundle includes four products that, when taken together, are the best brain health supplements on the market. The products are:


Raw Organic Kamut Wheatgrass Blend. A best-selling product, Immune Solution’s Raw Organic Kamut Wheatgrass Blend is the best wheatgrass powder. This product supports healthy immune function, boosts overall health, aids natural detoxification, improves digestion, combats fatigue, increases energy, naturally alkalizes and oxygenates the body, and so much more.

Getting healthy requires more than eating healthy food, although that is a huge step in the right direction. It also means learning what vitamins and minerals one must add to their diet to improve their health. 100% Raw Organic Kamut Wheatgrass Blend contains chlorophyll, which oxygenates the brain, provides nutrients to the gut that allow both organs to communicate and interact effectively and provides the body with important enzymes that cleanse the body of toxins and reduce the aging process.

Wheatgrass can also remove heavy metals from the body, which is immensely beneficial for the brain and gut. By taking wheatgrass, one may feel an increase in strength and endurance, renewed health and spirituality, and they may experience an overall increase in their sense of well-being.


100% Natural and Organic Purified Shilajit. The decay of Earth’s soil quality and the decline of the food supply are big reasons why it is increasingly difficult for Americans to get the mineral nutrients they need, even if they maintain a healthy diet. That last point is particularly important, and it’s where Shilajit comes in. Shilajit acts as an anti-aging protectant against cellular damage, a potent anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic pain reliever, an antimicrobial and antiviral agent, a reliable energy booster, and a diuretic to remove excess fluid from the body.

Shilajit can also play a role in weight management, significantly improving cellular activity and promoting increased energy levels by empowering the gut to perform its intended functions. Because the supplement improves cellular function, one may experience significant boosts in neurological function, too.

Broccoli Seed Extract

100% Natural and Organic Broccoli Seed Extract. Simply put, cells thrive better under opportune conditions, and Broccoli Seed Extract helps to create those conditions. Promoting healthy cell replication, removing stress on cells, and combatting potentially cancerous cells, Broccoli Seed Extract is a potent, all-natural antioxidant that helps cells operate in a healthy environment, which allows the brain and neural cells to perform their functions at maximum capacity.

Pine Bark Extract

100% Natural and Organic Pine Bark Extract. Indigenous Americans have used pine bark extract in health remedies for thousands of years. The nutrient was found to have restorative and healing properties. Scientific research into the plant has found these theories to be true, with many people taking the supplement for its ability to improve cognitive function, aid memory & alertness, and combat Alzheimer’s disease and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

The Best Supplements for a Healthy Brain and a Happy Mind

Being as healthy as possible is becoming increasingly difficult as food, water, and air become less healthy, and Americans find it more difficult to get the nutrients they need. Thankfully, Immune Solution has stepped up to the plate with bundles like the Brain Health Pack to ensure people get the nutrients they need to stay healthy, alert, mindful, conscious, and ready to tackle the day, every day.

The Brain Health Pack helps people take the first step in the right direction, but hopefully, it will be just one of many steps toward a better, brighter, healthier, more rewarding, and happier life. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Here’s to healthy living at any stage of life,

– Ren Brabenec
Immune Solution Staff Writer

[1] APA. “Stress in America 2022: Concerned for the Future, Beset by Inflation.” apa.org

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