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Jackie Page and her husband, owner of a holistic nutrition company that sells premium health products.

Jackie (founder/owner of Immune Solution®) & her husband Bob Page.

Premium Health Products with a Focus on Holistic Nutrition

At Immune Solution, we believe a healthy life starts and ends with holistic nutrition. But what exactly does that mean? A holistic approach to health means that an individual’s physical, emotional, and spiritual health is strongly valued. Simply put, we don’t only want to help you treat your physical symptoms. We want to help to sustainably improve your life. 

Immune Solution: The Importance of Ideal Nutrition 

Immune Solution® is based out of Tampa, Florida. We not only sell premium health products, but we also educate local residents on the benefits of a diet rich in superfoods. In addition, we partner with many health & wellness professionals in the area who share our passion for holistic nutrition. We believe that education is the key to understanding the right nutrition path for each individual. That’s precisely why teaming up with health experts is so crucial. Together, we encourage more residents to live healthier lifestyles and to spread the word.

Jackie Page, founder & owner of Immune Solution®, was born in the Philippines and attended school in Spain before moving to the United States. Jackie’s father was a whole food chef, so as a child, she was exposed to healthy foods & recipes. She was taught how the quality & longevity of life can be affected by the foods you eat. This set the foundation for her to maintain a balanced healthy diet focused on ideal nutrition.

Jackie’s dietary choices have always leaned toward organic vegetables, and she is currently a vegan. However, in 2004, she actively began seeking more options; realizing the need for more plant-based nutrition in today’s diet, and Immune Solution® was born!

Immune Solution Products

Immune Solution focuses on the highest quality holistic products. We offer herb capsules, dietary supplements, beauty oils and masks, weight loss cleanses, and more. Explore our wide variety of inventory today.


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What do we offer?

Herb Capsules

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