Shilajit (Purified)


100% Natural Purified Shilajit – Natural Rejuvenator (60 veggie capsules – 500 mg each)

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Shilajit is one of the world's most nutrient-dense herbo-mineral supplements with the ability to maintain the dynamic equilibrium of energy metabolism in your body! It contains 85 types of minerals in their natural ionic form. The minerals in Shilajit are not similar to most market-available mineral supplements. The ionic form minerals in Shilajit have previously been absorbed by rich plant life and returned back to earth. As such, they can readily bond with water to be more easily distributed throughout the body and absorbed by the body's cells.

We offer only genuine, high-grade Himalayan Shilajit in its natural, pure, and most potent form.  Our quality is unmatched throughout the world. We personally source, select, and import the raw fulvic acid-rich mineral resin from a remote, high-altitude region of India's Himalayan mountains. This region is well-known by Ayurvedic practitioners to yield the most potent grade.

Energy Metabolism

How Shilajit Works
Shilajit contains 85 minerals in ionic form essentially derived from naturally decomposed plant life. The Fulvic Acid in Shilajit transports these minerals through the cell walls, thereby maintaining & restoring their electric potency. This also ensures the vitamins are absorbed by the cells, as the body's cells cannot process vitamins in the absence of minerals. Once the electric potency of the cells is maintained and sufficient mineral supply is achieved, it prevents the decay & death of cells. Finally, the energy metabolism process — catabolism & anabolism — is maintained to an equilibrium condition.

Benefits and Potential Uses
Shilajit offers numerous health benefits, including functioning as an antioxidant to improve the body's immunity & memory, an anti-aging protectant against cellular damage, an abundant anti-inflammatory & anti-arthritic pain reliever, an antimicrobial & antiviral agent, an energy booster combating chronic fatigue, and a diuretic to remove excess fluid from the body.  Shilajit is also known to have a calming effect on the body, relaxing the muscles, including those of the heart; this soothing effect can help in lowering levels of stress & anxiety.  And Shilajit can play a significant role in weight management, as it leads to a major improvement in cellular functions, which promotes increased energy levels.  This makes it a preferred pre-workout supplement, as it aids a better response to exercise, thereby arguably promoting effective weight loss.

Immune Solution® herbs are superior quality and exceptionally potent products. A product you will be completely satisfied with! The formulator follows strict guidelines to ensure all ethically wildcrafted herbs are free of environmental contaminations.

Immune Solution's Products

Highest Purity
Our products contain zero magnesium stearate, synthetic ingredients, dioxides, anti-caking agents, preservatives, colors, or flavors. There are zero unnatural potentially harmful synthetic or artificial ingredients of any kind.
This product's ingredients are sourced & made from only real plant material; the product contains zero lab-created or synthetic ingredients.
100% Real Herbs
Our extraction unit is GMP/Kosher certified. All products comply with strict guidelines, and we test all products ourselves before putting them for sale. Health is a gift in life, and it is our goal to assist everyone in the endeavor of optimal, healthy living.


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