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“My wife and I have been using Jackie and Bobs health products for over 3 years. The main reason is the high quality, Jackie will not accept anything but the most pure and highest manufacturing standards. Our main staple is the Kamut Wheatgrass, we love it.” Douglas Clark

“I have been taking Jackie’s products for several years.  I enjoy taking her line of products such as the Green Kamut, C-60 because I know they work. And I feel and look good as a result!  Jackie is well experienced in the Health product industry, knowledgeable and trustworthy. I enjoy her skin care products and can see an immediate difference in my skin after application. My dog Valentino a 12-year-old Chihuahua enjoys the Green Kamut drink and C- 60 every day! He is full of energy gobbles up his food with the Kamut and C-60.  He acts like a puppy and his hair looks the best it ever has looked in his whole life!!” Arielle Giordano

“My wife and I were recently introduced to Jackie’s products and have loved what we’ve tried. The Pumpkin Seed Protein Powder is exceptional, fresh and tastes great! The ASHWAGANDHA is a wonderful stress relief, especially before bed. Also, the Beet Root and Wheatgrass, both are packed with essential benefits! They are fresh and you can just tell they are of the highest quality. D.P.

“I have been taking Kamut Wheatgrass blend and Shilaji for years. I’m confident it has helped my immune system.

I have had some issues with my nails and hair. Jackie recommended Bamboo Extract and it helped tremendously.

I would recommend Immune Solution products because they are crafted so that they can be absorbed properly at the potency you need.  Jackie is passionate about providing quality products. She never stops learning! Immune Solution products are not your average supplements! I am confident in the purity of these products.” Traci Tew

“Great products, protein powder and other herbal supplements for healing “health issues.” K.O.

“Five Stars. Love their products!” J.S.

“I have used all of the products from Immune Solution for Years. The wheat grass is my favorite as it always gives me the boost of energy I need plus with what is going on I know my immune system is strong. The skin products are amazing. I have a youthful glow that gets many compliments. Jackie & Bob have only the best top of the line products. If you have not tried there products you need to. The protein shake is amazing, the supplements are very pure. I know that my health is taken care of.” Charlotte Walet

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